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I design kitchens and give advice to common plumbing problems. I work at a hardware store. If your from Brisbane then you know that you can count on your fingers how many big box hardware stores there are. I work for one of them. I’ve been in the hardware industry for more than 17 years. In my spare time I usually give people suggestions about what to name their coffee shops. But possibly that hobby has dried up because of the global recession, no one wants to open up a coffee shop or I have not marketed my word press site properly. Something I will need to look into. Today’s story is about outdoor showers. Miss S we will call her, asked me if there was a way to set up a cheap out door shower. Naturally I was more than delighted to show her the many options for a quick and cheap outdoor shower set.

Suggestion number 1

The dirt cheap approach consist of a rope, a large can or container (possibly at least 2 liters) where you can drill many holes and a garden hose. Simply drill the container or can with many tiny holes which will serve as your shower head. Tie the rope or suitable chain perhaps onto the said can and fix the end of the garden hose to go into the can using more rope. You’ll need a spot to tie this onto perhaps a post or low hanging branch off a tree or a very large nail. Turn the garden hose on slowly and put it on slow flow or the water will just slush out of the container. This is meant for slow showers and slow flowing water. Not very creative I know but you’ll notice that you’ve not spent a cent for this beauty. If I have a chance I will draw something and post it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Suggestion number 2

Lets spend some money! A large rain head shower (300 mm at least) with an arm will typically cost you about $39.00 perhaps I should just write this in a list, it would be much easier to follow I suppose. You will need :

15 mm tap post with a male and female receiver. This allows you to screw or nail this brass piece onto almost any post or tree.
1 meter pvc riser at 15mm in diameter (for the old timers that’s 1/2 inch for yah!)
1 poly sleeve 15mm to 20mm (to allow a standard hose attachment to be plugged in)must really draw this!

Ok I really need to draw this! If you can wait I will draw and illustrate this so that You have a clear idea of what you need to do. I’ll be back next post.


3 thoughts on “2015 Hardware

  1. Help me Java Moe!!! I am a start up mobile espresso bar and roaster. My focus will be the festival circuit on the east coast but want to build a strong customer base for my beans locally in Fredericksburg, VA. I will sell at local markets and events. I will also become a certified B-Corp as I feel strongly that business for profit can have a conscious. So I’ve come up with some…Vices (does it invoke sex toy shop or mechanics…some feedback I’ve gotten), Java Junkie with an image of a cartoon dancing goat with a goatee (the name has been used in other states but not trademarked), Roving Roaster? I could use your creative mind and feedback. The business will operate out of a 66′ Avion Travel Trailer…a knock off airstream, yet still way cool.

    • Hello Vanessa,

      Let me be the first to thank you for writing into my start up blog thing. This is my first time for this so be gentle. Ok, lets start off with the basics.

      Have you planed out your route? While some markets are seasonal, others are like clockwork and can be depended on to be there week in week out. (translates to steady income)
      Make sure to form a very good relationship with the market boss. He’s the one who runs the affair and assigns you your spot in the market.
      Permits,permits did I mention permits? You can get inspected at a drop of a hat. You must also be prepared for a food and health n safety inspection.
      Always have a back up plan in case first site has called a cancellation. These things happen, unexpected events pop up, gotta be prepared for it.

      I’ve experienced markets before and one of my pet peeves is the promise of electrical power. When the site says power provided and you get there and there is no power or is intermittent, I strongly suggest in investing in a small silent petrol generator with at least a good six to eight hour run. It should be strong enough to run not only the coffee machine but must also power your fridge and any other electrical device in the caravan. Depending on the complexity of your set up ex: coffee sandwiches etc. Then you must be fast enough to generate the orders with a minimum wait time. Perhaps a second person ( preferably a family member who will work for free just needs to be fed. ) Please remember that every place is different you must make sure your permit covers you for that area. Nothing could be worse than getting shut down and getting fined.

      As far as marketing is concerned your going to have to go out of your way and meet people. These fancy marketing books tell you networking, cross referencing, or perhaps inter modal cross hatching with a side of bacon. Nothing beats going to the stall next to you and introducing yourself and your business. ” Hi I’m Vanessa I run the coffee shop right next to you. ” Standard questions come up but what your trying to get is information. Are there other markets out there your not aware of. Perhaps a market that has more people in it. By meeting other people this will get you known and if they are friendly they will recommend your business to other people. You could be called upon to go to business functions, team building events etc. The more functions you go to the more it enhances your market run. You will get sick. It is the way of things and you must have a plan for this as well. As much as we would like to be indestructible we can’t. So you must have a plan for this as well. I could go on and on but your here for a few suggestions for names. If you do need more advice about weekend markets just drop me another line.

      Roving Roster (very catchy)
      Java on Wheels
      Beans on Wheels
      Feds Coffee (short for Confederate)
      Battlefield Cafe
      Midway Cafe
      Turnpike Cafe
      Hatch Cafe
      Epic Cafe
      The Silver Atom Cafe
      Virginians Roast Cafe
      Washington’s Brew
      The Cup of Thomas
      Plantation Cafe

      As for the vices… you can tell me in your own sweet time. Hope this helps and drop me a line if you need more help.

      • Thanks for the tips and suggested names…going with Java Gypsy – Roving Roaster & Espresso Bar. I’ll send you a pound when I get up and running.

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