2015 Hardware

I design kitchens and give advice to common plumbing problems. I work at a hardware store. If your from Brisbane then you know that you can count on your fingers how many big box hardware stores there are. I work for one of them. I’ve been in the hardware industry for more than 17 years. In my spare time I usually give people suggestions about what to name their coffee shops. But possibly that hobby has dried up because of the global recession, no one wants to open up a coffee shop or I have not marketed my word press site properly. Something I will need to look into. Today’s story is about outdoor showers. Miss S we will call her, asked me if there was a way to set up a cheap out door shower. Naturally I was more than delighted to show her the many options for a quick and cheap outdoor shower set.

Suggestion number 1

The dirt cheap approach consist of a rope, a large can or container (possibly at least 2 liters) where you can drill many holes and a garden hose. Simply drill the container or can with many tiny holes which will serve as your shower head. Tie the rope or suitable chain perhaps onto the said can and fix the end of the garden hose to go into the can using more rope. You’ll need a spot to tie this onto perhaps a post or low hanging branch off a tree or a very large nail. Turn the garden hose on slowly and put it on slow flow or the water will just slush out of the container. This is meant for slow showers and slow flowing water. Not very creative I know but you’ll notice that you’ve not spent a cent for this beauty. If I have a chance I will draw something and post it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Suggestion number 2

Lets spend some money! A large rain head shower (300 mm at least) with an arm will typically cost you about $39.00 perhaps I should just write this in a list, it would be much easier to follow I suppose. You will need :

15 mm tap post with a male and female receiver. This allows you to screw or nail this brass piece onto almost any post or tree.
1 meter pvc riser at 15mm in diameter (for the old timers that’s 1/2 inch for yah!)
1 poly sleeve 15mm to 20mm (to allow a standard hose attachment to be plugged in)must really draw this!

Ok I really need to draw this! If you can wait I will draw and illustrate this so that You have a clear idea of what you need to do. I’ll be back next post.


Happy New Year

Well the year has passed and I am no closer to my dream of owning my own house and having a coffee shop underneath it. Very hard to do in rural Australia as most of the houses here are single story affairs. Maybe if I was closer to the city then we would get somewhere.

First steps always a tricky one…

I’m here to help you think up of a name for your coffee shop. It sounds easy but I have seen people struggle and beg for ideas. So hopefully this thing I’m doing will help you decide on a name. I will keep it really simple. You tell me where it is and what kind of customers you’ll be serving and if your thinking of a theme for your shop. Easy enough eh? So lets begin.